Japanese restaurant

Fuji Ya, a Minneapolis icon and Minnesota’s first Japanese restaurant, has closed

Fuji Ya has closed after 61 years of serving Japanese food and sushi in the Twin Cities. The Lake Street location was damaged during the Minneapolis Troubles and has not reopened. Now a sign belonging to the bank is parked in the parking lot. A woman-run Japanese restaurant in the middle of Minnesota in 1959 […]

Japanese park

Ghost in the Japanese park, Rohini caught on a picture swinging on a swing? This viral video shot by the police leaves everyone from Delhi to Jhansi in awe!

[ad_1] Jhansi, June 12: A video of outdoor gym equipment has gone viral on social media platforms, leaving some puzzled, amused and some even scared. The clip allegedly shows two sets of outdoor gym equipment in a park swinging on their own with no one sitting on them. The unnatural shoulder press movement has scared […]