Japanese restaurant

Birmingham-based Japanese restaurant brand Takumi to debut in London

Located near the junction of Old Compton Street and Charing Cross Road, Takumi will take over the site formerly occupied by Melanie Italian Restaurant and is expected to launch in September with 50 seats. Takumi’s first location, located in Birmingham’s Chinatown, serves a “diverse range” of Japanese cuisine. The Soho Restaurant menu items will include […]

Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant Apothecary to open on site of former Merchant’s Tavern

Located on Charlotte Road near Old Street Station, Apothecary will echo the energetic and sociable environments of Japan’s famous izakaya bars, offering small Japanese plates alongside music and DJs hosted by Lake Bar and the music brand. live Spiritland. The space will seat more than 130 place settings and “will reflect a contemporary Tokyo-style tavern […]

Japanese restaurant

Sydney Potts Point Kisuke is a six-seat Japanese restaurant where patrons are transported to Tokyo

Tucked away in an alleyway is an incredible Japanese restaurant where only SIX diners are ‘transported to Tokyo’ – but a seat at the table will cost you. Diners flock to little-known six-seat Japanese restaurant in Sydney Chef Yusuke Morita opened omakase restaurant called Kisuke in Potts Point Omakase means multi-course meal consisting of dishes […]

Japanese hotel

The stunningly beautiful Japanese hotel lobby is interactive art that changes with the seasons 【Photos】

The presence of each guest changes the appearance of the hall, making each moment unique and beautiful. Upon entering a the hotel lobby, there are some pretty standard things that you would expect to see. A check-in counter. A few chairs or sofas. Maybe a free coffee machine. What you are probably not considering, however, […]