Did you get into a difficult financial situation and do not know how to get out of it? Do you live from payday to payday and you can’t afford anything extra? Do you need to get a certain amount of money, but the bank refused to lend you for registration in the debtors register? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, please keep reading the following lines.

We bring you a unique tip that allows you to get your money instantly, even if your loan application is rejected by the bank. There are a number of loans for which entry in the registers is not an obstacle.

When a bank refuses to lend you, or how to a non-bank loan?

When a bank refuses to lend you, or how to a non-bank loan?

With the non-banking company Good Finance Credit Czech you can get a non-bank loan even if you have an entry in the register of debtors and the bank refuses to lend you.

And this can happen even if you do not have enough income or do not want to prove the amount of your income difficult. You can get a loan from Good Finance Credit Czech from USD 100,000 up to USD 5 million. You then repay the borrowed funds for 1 to 20 years. This non-bank loan without registers will solve your financial problem.

Specific loan product My Loan


Non-bank loan without income confirmation – My loan will be provided to you for free. You do not pay any loan approval or arrangement fees. You only pay the installments and principal at predetermined regular intervals. The only condition for the approval of the loan is the guarantee for the provided real estate funds. This property can be a family house, a private property or a cooperative apartment. The loan can then be used for anything.

A record in your debtors register or lack of income may no longer be an obstacle for you. Earn money today and use it exactly as you see fit. Non-bank loan is a modern solution for all who the bank refuses to lend.