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Double murder in a Japanese park: the accused will soon be 18, the police want to try him as an adult

ONE DAY after apprehending a minor in connection with the double murder at Rohini Park in Japan, Delhi police decided to file a plea with the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) to consider trying the boy as an adult. Stating that the boy is “17 years and 10 months old,” police said they would ask the JJB to send the case to a district court. DCP (Rohini district) MN Tiwari confirmed that the plea will be brought before the JJB. “A few hours after his arrest, he disclosed the names of several people and tried to implicate them. After a thorough investigation, we found out that he was misleading us, ”he said.

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During the investigation, the police discovered that a few months ago, the minor had told some people in his village to give him “a job related to crime because he would be 18 on March 24”. “We have yet to find any evidence to support this claim,” Tiwari said.

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Sources said the investigative agency would ask the JJB to make a “preliminary assessment” of the boy’s mental and physical ability “to understand the consequences of the offense” and issue an order if necessary. to judge him as an adult. . “Once the plea is accepted, the designated sessions court will hear the case under the amended sections of the Care and Protection of Children (JJ) Act, 2015,” police sources added.

Accused says victims intimidated him

Police said the miner said the victims, Ashiv and Ankush, harassed him for the past three months. All three worked in butcher shops.

“They were drinking alcohol in the park when Ankush started bullying the miner. The two got into an argument. The miner attacked Ankush with a meat cleaver, stabbing him five times. He then stabbed Ashiv as he tried to stop him and fled, ”an officer said.

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