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Japanese park closes ice rink with dead fish

A Japanese theme park that opened an ice rink in which 5,000 dead fish were encrusted in ice closed the attraction after a flood of criticism flooded social media.

It seems that visitors to Space World in Kitakyushu didn’t think sliding on dead fish arranged in arrows and circles or spelling out “hello” was an appealing idea. Instead, they found it appalling.

They also apparently weren’t amused by the pictures of fish posted on the park’s website advertising the “unprecedented” and “world’s first” ice rink that featured captions that read “I’m d. .. drowned, s … s. .. suffocating “, according to CNN.

And boy, did they let the amusement park operators have it. Incredulous commentators have said that the idea was in bad taste, they called it “crazy”, said it was “a desecration of life” and felt that it just wasn’t fun for kids or anyone to skate on fish dead.

“You don’t have the soul to plan such an event to begin with,” one person wrote.

“You are disgusting and possibly psychotic,” wrote one man on the park Facebook page. “I hope you go bankrupt. You already have bankrupt morals.

Park general manager Toshimi Takeda told CNN the criticisms had been “brutal” and he and others were shocked by the reaction.

He apologized for the posting and said park officials were “extremely sorry for invoking such unpleasant feelings.”

On the world of space website, it was announced that the attraction was going to close.

“We take many diverse opinions seriously, such as ‘you shouldn’t use these creatures in entertainment or events’ or ‘poor fish’,” the translated ad read.

Toshimi said the fish were bought in a market and that they were dead before they were frozen in ice. He said the park would remove the fish and then hold a memorial service in their honor.


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