Japanese restaurant

Super Hiro’s Japanese restaurant in Vancouver closes

“We keep moving forward and never stop!” said the restaurateur.

It has been four tumultuous years for Super Hiro restaurant in Kitsilano.

The Japanese restaurant started out as an omakase sushi bar in late 2017, but during the pandemic it moved to offer take-out comfort food, like curried rice, donburi, seasoned fries and their new signature item, a creation called “Japanese Wrap”. “At that point, Super Hiro’s stopped offering raw fish or sushi of any kind.

Now owner of Super Hiro, Chief Hiroki Watanabe, chose to end the operation of the restaurant. Watanabe trained at legendary Tojo’s in Vancouver; he is also Chief Tojo’s relative.

“Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us and thank you very much to all of our regular customers who have supported us in all situations over the past four years,” Super Hiro’s shared in a heartfelt closing message shared on social media this week.

In the same farewell notice, however, Super Hiro’s notes that while the restaurant closes at 2585 West Broadway, Watanabe soon plans to continue with the brand, just in a different format. “Our business will be moving to online form soon. We keep moving forward and never stop!”

The last day of Super Hiro as a physical spot will be March 25.